Seafood brodo with garlic prawn and chorizo bruschetta

seafood chowder with garlic prawn and chorizo bruscetta2

Oops, here’s another fusion dish – I can’t help myself – but with so many great seafood recipes around, and so many from the Med region, it’s not actually surprising is it? Italy meets Spain and gets mopped up, and indeed, washed down by French influence in the bread and the wine. You can use any fish cut into bite-sized chunks or shellfish for this – but just put your favourites in, and it will be heavenly.

Ingredients: serves 4

850g shellfish (mussels, squid, prawns, clams)

500g King prawns

1 large white onion (or 2 banana shallots) chopped finely

4 cloves garlic, finely chopped and crushed

60g butter

Good fistful of flat leaf parsley, chopped roughly (and a few sprigs for garnish)

200ml medium white wine

250ml single cream

60g cooked chorizo, roughly chopped into 1cm cubes

small pinch chilli flakes

Olive oil splash for frying & drizzling

4 thick (3cm) slices Grande Mange Blanc or Ciabatta, lightly drizzled with olive oil on an oven tray

Let’s cook

Preheat your oven to 200 c deg, and get the bread in to crispen for 10 – 15 minutes or so, turning once. On a low heat, cook the onions through without colouring with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil. When translucent, soft and fragrant, add the chilli flakes followed by your seafood, turning the heat up to medium. Cook through for around a minute then add the white wine.

While it heats through, melt the butter in a separate pan, and add the garlic and the Chorizo, then the King prawns and heat through gently for a few minutes, until the paprika colour starts to show on the prawns. Stir in a tbsp of the parsley, and turn off the heat. Add the remaining parsley to the seafood brodo, stir through and then serve between 4 wide rimmed bowls. Take your bread out of the oven and place in the centre of each bowl with a twist of black pepper, then spoon the prawn and Chorizo onto the bread (there will be some gorgeous orange juices to drizzle over in the pan too) and serve to your guests, who will, no doubt, be in total awe of this simple, delicious celebration of the Mediterranean sea. Great with a Chardonnay – it’s tropical edge hitting just the right notes..


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